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A Grave Error

Man's grave is focus of dispute

The front page on yesterday's Rochester Democrat & Chronicle ran the following news story:

Maureen Wolcott, a 76-year-old resident of this Steuben County town, is doing all she can to keep her husband, Charlie Wolcott, in his grave. The problem is that officials of Holy Family Parish, which includes St. Pius V Church in Cohocton, contend that Mr. Wolcott was buried in the wrong place last July.

The struggle between Maureen Wolcott and the parish, which has been going on for months but is supposed to be resolved today, is proof positive that in cemeteries, as in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. "To me, where a person is buried, that's where they should stay," said Wolcott. "It's a sacred trust."

The parish doesn't quarrel with her overall point, but it says that Mr. Wolcott was buried by mistake in a part of the cemetery that isn't really a cemetery.

Click here to read the whole story. Our hope and prayer is that the Wolcott family and their church can find a godly solution that leads to a peaceful reconciliation.


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