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Wheaton Family Cemetery

Turbines too close?

I'm writing this letter to all Cohocton residents and anyone that is related to the Wheatons.

The Wheaton Cemetery on Lent Hill may be invaded by turbines that UPC wants to put around it. These turbines will not be at the 1500-foot setback for a public use area. #18 will be about 1200 feet, #19 will be about 800 feet, and #20 will be about 1300-1400 feet. These distances are according to Rick Towner. UPC is not following Local Law #2 that was passed. People should be able to go to a cemetery without having to worry about there safety. These distances are unacceptable.

This cemetery is a part of my family’s history and anyone else that is related to the Wheatons. This is a sacred place and should not be disrupted or invaded by these turbines. Even the access road will be unsafe. What is wrong with you UPC people? Have you no sense of responsibility? Why would you even think of putting people in danger?

Please understand that UPC and its employees at the office in Cohocton are not telling anyone the truth, that is the whole truth, about these turbines.

My name is Charlene (Klug) Fairbrother. If anyone wants more information on this you may contact me at home (384-5063) or by email.



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