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VN 6/19 - Close and Personal

We're all waiting for a verdict in Bath Supreme Court about Local Law #2, and the Public Service Commission has yet to issue a ruling after UPC Wind testified that its project was still in the design stage. But in spite of accumulating evidence of impropriety, ineffectiveness, and significant potential public harm, local supporters of the Cohocton wind project seem to be pressing ahead with their plans.

What effect is this having on some of us personally?
- The map depicted above shows only 4 of the 52 proposed turbines. 3 are still sited within 1500 feet of the Wheaton Cemetery, a public place (marked X) and 2 near a dwelling (marked Z), contrary to Local Law #2.
- This is just one example. In keeping with Local Law #2, towers throughout the project like these 4, are sited within 600 feet of our local roads.

If dwellings and public places need a 1500-foot setback, why not roads? And if their Law requires 1500 feet, why do UPC's plans still have turbines sited closer than that? Read our recent Proposal for breaking the deadlock, browse around our "Updates" section, and then make your opinion known.



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