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Cohocton Noise Warning

Prattsburgh residents get warning on wind turbines

By Mary Perham, Gatehouse News Service

Wind turbines will disturb your peace and quiet, neighboring town residents warned the Prattsburgh town board last week.

"It's like a jet engine landing right behind you," Hal Graham, of Cohocton, said. "It's constant noise."

Graham leased land to First Wind for its 50-turbine wind farm in the town of Cohocton. Tuesday, he spoke during the Prattsburgh board's public hearing on a wind energy facilities permit there. The permit will stipulate certain terms and charge a building permit fee for any wind facilities in the town.

The only wind project currently being considered in Prattsburgh is EcoGen, an East Aurora-based developer. In December, First Wind announced a year's hiatus in its plan to put up a 36-turbine wind farm in Prattsburgh and recently closed its office.
However, FirstWind did complete its larger project in Cohocton, beginning operations there earlier this year.

Graham said he was a strong supporter of wind energy and studied any potential noise problems extensively by observing other wind farms in the state and asking questions.

Both he and a neighbor each have a turbine on their properties, he said.

"When I signed the contract, I was assured there was no noise," he said. "Well, people can't sleep at night, in the winter, with the windows closed. As the wind speed increases, the noise level rises. It rattles our windows ... It's like a jet engine going full blast."

The noise can be heard in neighboring hamlets of Ingleside, Atlanta and North Cohocton, according to Graham and other Cohocton residents at the meeting. Other residents complained about a lack of sleep and disturbed animals.

Click here to read the full Steuben Courier report.

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Blogger formosa Says:

Let's be clear, the Judge Hal Graham put himself in this situation - he is not the victim, but the perpetrator on all in Cohocton that did not want this industry among our homes. He mocked us in public letters. Paraded around in the green YES hat. In the end does he turn out to be the "good neighbor" or the "bad neighbor" as Wayne Hunt called all of us who opposed.

Now the leaseholders run around "they mislead us" --- that's really, really rich as I stare at 18 red light towers from my once peaceful property.

I hold each and every leaseholder accountable for this. No leaseholder, no industry at our homes. Remember, UPC signed the leaseholders _before_ there was a law in place, and then went to the town with the leaseholders in tow to get the law.

And yes, take your puny tax relief and shove it! My property value and enjoyment has gone down more than _any_ minor tax relief that idiot goes around bragging about.



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