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VN 6/5 - What Outcome?

Last year at this time it looked almost certain - UPC Wind would be putting up about 42 wind towers on our hills, each about 405 feet high, with 2.0 MW Gamesa turbines on them. Since then, however, the legal process mandated by New York has been slowly moving through its various stages while the developer has been trying to extend its grasp.

Where do we stand now, and what will be the outcome?
- UPC has expanded its project(s) and is now proposing 52 wind towers, each 425 feet high, with 2.5 MW Clipper turbines on them.
- The project has become so large that it needs permission from the Public Service Commission, which is asking some tough questions like "Why aren't your Clipper turbines certified?"
- Local Law #2, passed by our Town Board last fall to accommodate the developer's plans, is being reviewed by Supreme Court Justice Marianne Furfure and may be thrown out.
- The Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice is actively looking into allegations of illegal geographic market allocation, price fixing, and bid rigging by UPC Wind and the wind industry.
- Rumors are flying that UPC is replacing Chris Swartley as its front man and that some leaseholders and Planning Board members are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.

How much more do we have to see before the plain truth begins to dawn on us, that there is deep corruption in this pot, not gold? Pride and greed go before a fall. Can we learn before we suffer any further, or will we continue to press ahead and bear the consequences?

We believe in the old adage that "the wheels of God grind extremely fine." In other words, man plans but ultimately divine justice will prevail. Will we cooperate with the gentle promptings of truth or require a big stick? Browse our main website; check out some of the other items in our Updates section; read our recent Proposal for breaking the deadlock; and then contact us for a yard sign if you agree!



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