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Turbine components arriving

Amidst numerous reports of turbine component sightings on Route 390 comes this eyewitness report from Dansville:

Last night I received phone call from my stepson who works over at the old Foster Wheeler plant. At 9 am they had a crane tip over unloading the turbine bases. As of 3:30 quitting time they still didn't have it back up. Don't know if they worked on getting it up or if it is still tipped over. As the guys were leaving they had to sign a paper stating they would not talk to the press, etc.

They aren't supposed to go anywhere near this part of the plant that is housing the turbines, aren't supposed to talk to any of those guys either. They were told that they don't need anymore problems over there about the turbines so the guys are to stay away from there and forget about it. They didn't need special interest groups coming there and causing problems. A very large number was thrown out there that they are making to house these units and that it will be used for that for some time. These turbines they are working on right now are for Prattsburgh. Everything is there but the blades.

He had pictures on his camera and got caught, they took the memory card out of it and put it on the computer and erased all the pictures.

Yesterday my wife and I were in Dansville and saw a large semi loaded with a huge turbine nacelle coming down the north exit toward Foster Wheeler. Pictures posted recently on the CWW website (click image above) confirm what's happening. How many of these belong to UPC Wind and are being shipped in prematurely for the proposed Cohocton project remains to be completely revealed, but this recent article in Dansville's Genesee Country Express begins to tell the story.

We believe that good, wholesome, and properly approved projects that have been accepted widely by their surrounding communities should not be accompanied by this kind of secrecy.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I heard last night that the windmill parts at Foster Wheeler are supposedly for Hartsville.


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