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Planning Board Meeting

According to an article published by WETM:

A public hearing is set to happen on June 27th where town leaders in Cohocton are expected to grant developer UPC Wind the permits it needs to begin construction on close to 50 wind turbines across the farmland there... The June 27th public hearing is scheduled to happen at the Hatch Hose Fire Hall in Atlanta at 7 pm.
This is an essential meeting. Please do what you can to attend on Wednesday evening and voice your opinion.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Cohocton Planning Board
15 South Main Street
Cohocton New York 14826

Dear Raymond Schrader and Planning Board Members:

My name is Steven Verbanic and reside at 8988 Pawling Rd Cohocton, NY. I firmly do not believe that this wind project is complete and should not be accepted as such. Any “rush to get it done” attitude would be irresponsible, especially with out all the data in place or being heard from all concerned, pro or against. I am writing to say that I am one of those people.

My property borders two other land owners where the turbines or substation is sited for and til this day I have NEVER been contacted in person or by mail or E-mail, voice mail or cell phone by anyone concerning project of wind turbines. The two properties are the Farrels and Walters that I border.
Others facts that would lead anyone to believe that this project is far from complete are:

• The access road has been changed from VanUcker Rd to Pawling Rd. Obviously this has not been well thought out. Concerns are for drainage, pitch of road, curves, etc….
• Pawling Rd is a dead end road ending almost directly in front of Sue Farrels house, then there is a tractor path that leads up to proposed sites. I own to the center of this path and without my permission this path will not be used as part of the access road. Major excavation would have to be done to reroute a access road on Farrels side and without throwing off drainage and ruining landscape with water gauging.
• One has got to wonder since I live at almost the highest point in Steuben County, why on earth would you need the tallest turbines allowed? If it needs to be that high on one of the highest points then maybe, just maybe you’re in the wrong spot or do not need to be that high. Where is the data that states what the readings were at all levels? I would not know because once again no one has communicated with me at all.
• Apparently Sue Farrels sited turbine has been moved off her property over to Walters. I do not know where this site is. Is it in the 500ft/ 1500ft rule? I would not know because once again no one has communicated with me at all.
• My land falls within the 1500ft mark (danger zone I believe most call it) UPC says sure go ahead and build anything you want in it (maybe a house for one of the children) but nobody has told me if anyone will insure it or if they could even get a loan. I have not seen any contract or data concerning ramifications of this “danger zone” and what exactly does it entail. What kind of insurance do I have for this? If I could get insurance for a structure but at a steep price will UPC compensate me?
• I do not know if the maps that I have seen (which I had to find on my own) are accurate as far as distant to my land and resident.

Now a little from the heart. My family and myself moved on Pawling RD because it was a dead end road in the country. At night on the back porch do you know what I hear? Nothing absolutely nothing. When my children were younger they used to have to walk a half mile down the road at barely daylight to catch the school bus because the bus would not come up the road due to pitch and condition. These are sacrifices we were willing to make to have our peace and privacy. I will not even get into the huge concerns I have for the wildlife and the landscape. If the wind turbines are accepted this will all change. This project is far from complete there are too many facts that need to be addressed. These are my concerns and I am sure there are others that need to be heard.

Steven W. Verbanic
8988 Pawling Rd
Cohocton, NY 14826


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