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A Sad Departure

Already the fallout is appearing to the east of us in Prattsburgh, as long-time residents take stock of their situation and prepare for a future threatened by wind turbine industrialization. Here's an excerpt from an email, addressed to UPC Wind, that we received today:

Thanks for the idea of wind energy - no thanks for shoving it down our throats in an area that should be preserved from such flawed science and huge negative impact. Sure, there are buyers for our properties that will come forward that are not offended by your plans, but we think that those of us who have had the blessing of living here without your turbines will have the best memories of all - beautiful hillsides, flocks of migrating birds and dark nights with the only twinkles coming from stars.

We are moving as soon as we successfully sell our home of 25 years, and our tourist lodging will be gone. All due to the windfarms? No, there are other factors, including lousy politics, high energy costs, and taxes. We would tough it out but there are better opportunities for us elsewhere - maybe Ontario County or even out to a well-managed state - out of NY. There is a long list, and NYS is at the bottom. Why? If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We really hope people vote out their poorly performing incumbents next election. They blew it last year. As residents since 1973, we will finally, definitely and sadly, put Steuben County, and Prattsburgh - "In the Rear View Mirror".

Click here to read the entire letter.

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