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Letter to the Secretary

April 29, 2012

Hon. Jaclyn A. Brilling, Secretary
New York State Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12223

RE: Proposed Article X Regulations and Proposed Rulemaking

Dear Secretary Brilling

This is a brief comment about windmills and their siting. My wife and I own property in Cohocton, NY where an industrial wind facility with 50 turbines was installed 3 years ago after extensive local discussion and in spite of very intelligent arguments to the contrary.

We were promised that the facility would be beautiful, quiet, and benefit the community with significant tax savings. Unfortunately, none of these promises is true. The windmills can be seen for over 10 miles around, are profoundly unsightly, and mar what was for generations a very scenic part of New York State. Every acre of our property, which was a very quiet and serene place to dwell on, is now overrun night and day by the intrusive noise of windmills, an aggravating noise that sounds like jet airplanes at an airport that never quite land or fly away. Our taxes haven’t improved a bit. We don’t even have access to information that would indicate that the Cohocton Wind installation is generating electrical power at a level that would justify its existence.

We sincerely hope that the New York State Public Service Commission will begin to recognize before it’s too late that the entire impetus for the establishment of industrial wind facilities in New York is based entirely on raw profit-making motives that are supported by extravagantly fraudulent claims. Please allow New York citizens to retain a measure of Self Rule in this volatile area of development or send the wind developers packing entirely.

Sincerely yours,

Bill and Susan Morehouse

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You're on, Mr. President


Tax savings

We were promised big property tax savings 
when the windmills were being proposed.
Here's how it's worked out for us:

2005 $1949
2006 $2043
2007 $2336
2008 $2476
2009 $2300
2010 $2268
2011 $2356

Notice the big savings?