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Thanks to Prattsburgh Board

A world of thanks to the Prattsburgh Town Board

To the Editor,

The majority of the current town board of Prattsburgh, has kept their promise. When the election results were tallied in November of 2009, a clear message was sent. The town wanted a renewed town board that would not only listen, but use their experience and knowledge to make decisions benefiting the town. Some say the election was only based on wind farms. This is far from the truth. The current town board has been pro-active with every area of improvement for the town. Benefits like seeking grants to improve water systems and bargaining for lowering electric rates for the town have been overshadowed by attacks on the town by Ecogen, the wind farm developer, and lawsuit costs to protect the residents of Prattsburgh. This level of detail and commitment has not occurred in Prattsburgh for many years. There will always be two sides of the story, and different beliefs by individuals. I am proud that the majority of the current town board has kept their promise, stuck to the issues, represented the people that voted them in and kept an open honest government. In this day and age of lack of faith in our public officials, I am proud of this group and the representation they have delivered. Thanks for representing us and what we believe in. “We The People”, merely had to show up and vote you in to office. You are the ones that continue to shoulder the burden. You must balance the facts that surround you and make decisions that represent “Us”, the voters that put you there. Thanks for your continued dedication!

Thomas MacAllister
Prattsburgh/ Italy/ Naples

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