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Ecogen Lawsuit - Prattsburgh

Hello Everyone,

First of all, the letter from the Supervisor has been posted to the Town website.

Things with the Ecogen lawsuit have gotten interesting - and expensive. The Town of Prattsburgh has paid the legal bills for the past year and has budgeted money for the coming year, but we're hoping that many of you will be willing to donate to the legal defense fund in an attempt to defray expenses. A legal defense fund has been established by Angela Einwachter of Cook School Road - Angela is a member of the Zoning Commission. See details below.

What has happened is the judge wants former town attorney John Leyden as well as Harold McConnell, Chris Jensen and former code enforcement officer Les Babcock to testify in court-- The bottom line is this: In fall 2009 Ecogen sued the town, claiming that the town was holding up their project, preventing Ecogen from breaking ground. The previous town board majority agreed to a settlement that, in our opinion, was a sellout of the town -- not only was the financial settlement inadequate, but the setbacks for health and safety were grossly inadequate. This settlement took place AFTER Al, Chuck and Anneke were voted into office. The new town board rejected the settlement and Ecogen sued the town for rejecting it.

Now the judge wants to hear the former town officers and employees under oath describe what happened in order for him to decide whether Ecogen was actually ready to begin construction. We don't understand how Ecogen can say they were ready since they didn't have the leases they needed for a transmission route or a transport route and there was no road agreement. In addition, they definitely did NOT have an agreement with the town of Italy and without Italy they don't have a substation.

In our opinion, this testimony is going to be a good thing - the town has truth on its side - but of course it is going to cost the town thousands of dollars to go to court. So we are asking you to please donate whatever you can to the legal defense fund that has been set up by Angela Einwachter. If everyone gives something it will make a huge dent in the town's legal fees. Please make checks payable to:

Prattsburgh Legal Defense Fund
c/o Angela Einwachter
5928 Cook School Road
Prattsburgh, NY 14873

Ruth and Nancy

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