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Clean Sweep in Italy Elections!

November 3, 2009 Italy Town Election Results

Bradley E. Jones 204
Margaret M. Dunn 170 (incumbent)
Write-in 1

Town Council (2 seats)
Frederick T. Johnstone 201
Donna L. Baran 200
Charles E Kreuzer 138 (incumbent)
Write-in 81

An articulate slate of candidates critical of industrial wind development in Italy, led by Brad Jones, have won the Town elections in a clean sweep! Our congratulations and prayers are with the new team as they begin the work of rebuilding trust and hope in the Town's future.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

There was a clean sweep in Cohocton too!

Blogger Bill Says:

I'm always impressed by "anonymous" snipers like you who enjoy harassing their neighbors with their opinions but don't have enough courage to identify themselves. If you really believe what you say, why won't you tell us who you are? And, if what happened in Cohocton was a "clean sweep" why is there so much political dirt left in town and fraudulent litter all over our hills (see City Newspaper article in 12/4 post, above)?


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