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Birds, Bats, and Who??

Click on Santa to hear him sing!

Have a wonderful holiday season!



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

You are truely a sick man, you might take the time to pray for the people in Tenn. who need a Christmas blessing.


Blogger Bill Says:

Dear Jane and Friends at YES,

Thank you for sharing the article about the mess in Tennessee with us. I'm sorry to hear that the troubles of this world have dampened your sense of humor so badly that our Santa cartoon offended you to the point of calling me a "truely sick man." If you had shown the slightest interest in getting to know me personally over the past several years, I think you would come to different conclusions about my character. As a physician, my heart goes out to people everywhere who are in distress, and the folks in Tennessee whose lives have been disrupted by the recent dike failure certainly have my prayers. It's unfortunate that there is so much unnecessary suffering around us, some of which is caused by poor planning and oversight in industrial power installations. In this regard, I was impressed by the following quote in the article you cited:

"It's discouraging because this is an easy problem to fix," she [Lisa Evans, an attorney with Earthjustice, a nonprofit national environmental law firm that follows the issue] said. Ash could be recycled by using it to make concrete and at the very least should be placed in lined, state-of-the-art landfills, she said.

It's not lost on me, however, that this accident happened at a nasty dirty evil coal power plant, not a beautiful clean morally pure wind power plant, so I suppose you and the YES group have every right to feel personally offended by the whole affair and possibly even a bit self-righteous, as if the Cohocton project in in some way might have protected our brothers and sisters in Tennessee from their misery... Please be careful not to draw too many moral conclusions about how the world works from selected observations like these.

By the way, did you click on Santa to hear him sing? It's really a fun link. Happy New Year!


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