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Prattsburgh News

It has come to our attention that UPC has obtained 35 building permits for wind turbines in Prattsburgh. This is about 15 fewer than they originally planned because they have had to decrease their project.

We don't understand what they are planning to do because according to their own transmission maps, they still are lacking the easements they require in order to get a good percentage (perhaps 2/3) of their turbines hooked up to their substation.

In other words, although they are trying to make it look like they are ready to begin, they can't begin unless they want to have a bunch of turbines that can't hook up to the grid. Maybe they want to make pretty sculptures?

So, at the risks of sounding repetitious, if you are asked to sign an easement for transmission cables and you are told that they are ready to begin or that your neighbors have all signed, please be aware that this is not the truth. And once a person has signed for an easement, that will be forever - and if at sometime in the future they want to put huge overhead lines in front of your house, they will be able to do it.

And if Harold McConnell or anyone else from Town Hall tries to talk you into it, please be aware that the Town cannot force you to sign and that without your permission: they cannot run cables in front of your land.

For your added information, the Town has given the company permission to construct (meaning the use of big equipment, blasting, etc.) from 6 AM to 10 PM seven days a week with the assurance that they can work longer hours if they request to.

Ruth Matilsky

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