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Thanksgiving greetings

Michelle and Bob Strasburg would like to wish all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with good memories and times of reflecting on how important relationships are to each of us. We appreciate each of our long time friends and have enjoyed meeting many new friends this year. We ask God’s richest blessing on all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! This year has been very trying but with good friends and patience we made it through. May your day be filled with pleasant moments and memories. Throughout this process we have made many new friends and we want to give thanks for that. Karl and Bonnie Palmiter



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hello Bill,

I hope you're having a peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday as well. I visited my mom in Lackawanna, NY two days ago and had to drive past the old Bethlehem Steel Plant on the way to visit my niece in Kenmore. I forgot all about wind turbines being there until I was coming back at night and asked my Mom what all the bright red lights were lined up in a row...then she told me. I had the opportunity to see the real thing during daylight the next morning when I had to drive all the way back to Kenmore as I had left my purse there the night before and was headed back to Wayland that day. I was unable to ascertain if they were the 400-foot models or not as I was driving past and had to keep my eyes focused on driving in traffic. However, I do remember the blades as being scarily huge. The sight sickened me as I imagined what they would look like in our hills.



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