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Shame on UPC!

Union workers picket outside SCIDA office

UPC takes the wind out of the local economy!
Corporate Giant thumbs nose at local taxpayers.

UPC has hired an out of state general contractor M. A. Mortenson that does not pay area standard wages and has brought workers from Louisiana, Utah and Texas. Why bring in out of State contractors and workers when the local contractors and workers need the jobs? Local Contractors and Workers spend their money locally.

Shame on UPC!

If you are a Local Worker/Taxpayer and are concerned about the local economy, please let UPC know how you feel.

Contact: Paul Gaynor, CEO and President
UPC Wind, 85 Wells Ave., Suite 305 Newton, MA 02459
Tel: 617-964-3340 Fax : 617-964-3342
Email: contact@upcwind.com

Brought to you by the Empire State Regional Council of Carpenters.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Dear Folks,

We have just learned from an unidentified but accurate source that SCIDA will not be going ahead with any further action on wind projects until they have come to a settlement with the labor unions that are incensed that the "local jobs" will be going to non-union workers from Minnesota.

Members of the steel union attended the SCIDA meeting last week to make their displeasure known and evidently SCIDA is taking them seriously.

This should be interesting.


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