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Wind Turbines in Hamlin?

According to an extensive article in Rochester's CITY Newspaper this week a Wind Tower Committee created by the Hamlin Town Board "recommended that windmills would have to be set back 1,500 feet from roads and 2,640 feet from dwellings." It further recommended "that there be noise limits; that the town require in-depth studies of the effects on birds, bats, and other wildlife; and that there be a full evaluation of the financial impacts of any proposed project." The article went on to note that "Hamlin officials still have to draft regulations and hold public hearings, but the Town Board is expected to follow the committee's recommendations."

Aside from some naive and somewhat confused reporting about megawatt usage and output (see What is a Megawatt? for clarity), the report is quite thorough and worthwhile. Click here to read the full article.



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