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VN 7/24 - Alice in Wonderland

Wayne Hunt has recently published 3 political articles (1, 2, 3) addressed to “Cohocton Voters” (and paid for by UPC Wind?) in which he criticizes those running against him in the upcoming Republican primary race of at least 4 serious shortcomings: Making wind power their primary focus, not being long-term incumbents, being members of a tiny fringe that hasn’t joined Cohocton civic organizations, and deluging us all with “Alice in Wonderland style delusions that insult the intelligence of the average citizen of the town.”

In contrast, what is Wayne Hunt running on?
- He identifies the breadth of his platform by calling his reelection campaign “Running on the Wind” and urging his supporters to put model wind turbines (also paid for by UPC?) in their front yards.
- He freely confesses to working tirelessly for “three long, hard years to bring a wind farm to Cohocton,” a project that’s been carefully kept away from the electorate the entire time.
- He lists all the worthy activities and accomplishments of Town government over the past several years as if they’re his own.
- He grossly underestimates both the number and the intelligence of those who have faithfully expressed legitimate and well-documented concerns about the process that’s been followed so far in the siting of industrial wind turbines in our town.

We have no doubt that Wayne and other members of our current Town Boards are sincere in their beliefs and desire to do what is right for Cohocton. We commend them for their sincerity. However, it’s very clear that their minds were made up years ago about wind power. No public dialogue has been fostered, just input and rebuttal.

We’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that it’s time for a major change. Check out our main website; browse through our “Updates” by clicking the label below to read those items addressing Local Politics (you might be particularly interested in this posting); and develop your own opinion about who’s been soaking up the Caterpillar’s fumes around here. Then help get out the vote this fall for people who will listen and represent all of our interests. Thanks!



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