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UPC in Oregon

"Families for Sevenmile Hill is an organization that opposes the irresponsible placement of an industrial wind farm in a residential and scenic area of the Columbia River Gorge. In April 2007, UPC Wind Management announced plans to build the 60-megawatt complex on a prominent hill above Mosier and The Dalles. The massive project, which includes 40 turbines that each soar almost 400 feet, marks the first time developers in Oregon have attempted to site a wind farm so close to residences and with elements of the complex within the boundaries of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. It's up to the Oregon Department of Energy's siting council to approve or reject UPC's proposal. We urge the public to become informed and to support Sevenmile families as they fight for the future of their homes, their community and the unique landscape of the Gorge."

Sound familiar? Click here to visit our compatriots in Oregon online and find our just how familiar...



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