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Prattsburgh News

Important Town Board Meeting

Please be advised that there is a Prattsburgh Town Board meeting at 7 pm on May 15th in Ingleside. The Board is currently negotiating with UPC and SCIDA for contracting industrial wind turbines payments to the Town. There will be a privilege of the floor opportunity at the end of the meeting. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes with a total of 15 minutes available.

If you are a taxpayer and want your opinion to be heard, please do not wait to take action. While I do not believe that the Town Board is prepared to vote on a contract at Tuesday’s meeting, they have had special meetings with the wind companies. It is my belief that the sales pitch of the wind company must be balanced against facts many of you possess. Please attend this meeting and use the 3-minute option. I am not sure if you need to tell the Town Clerk in advance of the meeting that you wish to speak. She can be reached at 607-522-3761.

Nancy Wahlstrom

Wind Project Updates

I've been trying to compose a concise summary of what's going on with the wind projects, but it's really hard. So please bear with me and please read to the end. And please take the time to write to Tom Congdon and Jaclyn Brilling and Governor Spitzer. I can't tell you how important this is. And let Harold McConnell know how upset you are about these projects.

First of all: UPC is going all out to make it sound like they are completely ready to go ahead. They even went so far as to "accidentally" release a "private" e-mail. While anything is possible, we know for a fact that they are claiming to have leases that they don't have. Al Wordingham is OUTRAGED because on the most recently released maps they show overhead transmission lines crossing his property after he absolutely told them that he would NEVER sign with them. And he is not the only one. We also know of leaseholders who have changed their minds in the past weeks.

Please, please, please, if you know someone who has been told by UPC that they might as well sign because "everyone else is" please encourage these people to not be bullied into signing anything. Now the update... [Click here to read all 9 points of Ruthe's update]

Ruthe Matilsky



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