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A Passion Week Dream

For God-fearing people around the world, Passion Week and its Hebrew counterpart Passover, represent a time for both serious reflection, profound gratitude, and divine hope for the future. What we're experiencing in Cohocton this week instead, however, could be described as a kind of emotional, moral, and ethical melt-down, and I've begun to ponder what would happen if, instead of melting DOWN into anger and division and legalism, we melted UP into repentence, forgiveness, and joyful reconciliation. What could the God of the universe do with a community of broken and contrite hearts? Then I had a dream, like a daytime vision or imagination, that I'd like to share with you.

It was a sunny summer Sunday afternoon and three of us were walking along the hot dusty clay of Moore Road - George Buss, Gerald Moore, and me. Gerald was telling us about his childhood days growing up on the hill, and we were enjoying the scenery together. As we looked to the south an almost endless cornfield spread out before us, its stalks gently waving in the warm breeze. All was quiet except for an occasional bird call. The sky was blue with puffy clouds floating along, and there wasn't a sign of industry, not a single windmill in sight.

Our gaze drifted over to the north where we began to behold a wonderful vista sweeping down the hill and over Canandaigua Lake in the valley below. There, in the midst of it, was Jim and Judi Hall's Italianesque villa, surrounded by colorful gardens without a single pine tree to obscure the breathtaking view. As we approached their house, Jim and Judi came out with their big dog to greet us. We turned in through their gate and all spontaneously decided to stroll together down the hill to see the old place where Gerald had grown up. The memories flowed as we came back up the hill together and stayed to chat awhile over iced tea. No one even noticed that George's speech was flowing as clearly as the Conhocton in spring...

With a start, I came to my normal senses again. Could something like this ever really happen? It could, but it would be a miracle. I began to ask, how could we help bring something like this about, and this is the answer I received:

If each one of us, in the privacy of our own lives, would quietly take stock before our Maker and then respond as Zacchaeus did many long years ago. "Lord, have my family and I neglected You and your teachings? I'm sorry, please forgive me. Am I holding money in my hand or spending money in my mind that doesn't really belong to me? I'll let go and give it back. Have I offended my neighbor in any way? I'm going to go to him and make it right. What can I do next? When I wake up every morning I'm going to ask earnestly and then say YES! only to You."

May God bless you with His resurrection power this Easter!



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