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Palm Sunday Meditation

SEEKING GOD …for Christ to visit our communities

We confess that we have pursued great projects, attempting grand plans which leave little place for Jesus. Like derelict buildings, abandoned though only partly complete, many of our greatest ambitions lie empty and unfinished. Endeavors which once aroused passion have slowly fizzled. We have become skeptics, quietly dismissing Your kingdom promises as impossible utopian fantasies.

And so it was on Palm Sunday. The people had almost given up. The best thing many could imagine was a regime change. How You surprised them. You did not repair the old or defend what had been downtrodden. You exalted the One who had been dismissed. The One who had been rejected, denied and overlooked - this is the One You brought back and put on display.

Some still refused Him, but no one ignored Him. And so we pray for our community. Bring a day when every eye beholds Him, even those who have overlooked or opposed Him.

Click here to read the entire Meditation. God bless you!



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