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Wayland Youth Softball

I am President of Wayland Youth Softball and at this time of year we send out sponsor letters to area businesses and civic organizations. We are a local youth league that provides an opportunity for nearly 200 kids to participate in a softball league. This year I am looking to include more groups and businesses than just the ones whose names we put on our teams' hats. With that in mind and in the interest of providing equal opportunity, not only am I sending a letter to the UPC office in Cohocton but I also wanted to know if you might be interested. What we are requesting is a $125 fee, and some groups will be team sponsors and some will be dugout sponsors. If this is something you might want to be involved with please email me back with your mailing address and I will send you a letter.

Thank you for your time.
Robby Anger
President Wayland Youth Softball



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Blogger Bill Says:

Dear Robby,

Thanks for your invitation to help sponsor Wayland Youth Softball. We would be very interested in helping and would be happy to receive a letter. I hope you understand the financial differences between UPC Wind, an outside corporation with deep resources for promoting its industrial project, and local citizens like us who are seriously concerned about wind development in our community. UPC is currently spending at least $2500 a month, if not significantly more, on "community outreach" to try to convince people that its project is worthwhile. $125 from UPC is nothing. They will probably try to buy you with $250 or more, which is about what they spend almost every week on Valley News ads alone. Our pockets aren't that deep and our motives aren't that compromised. However, we believe in kids and in the value of what you're doing. You can count on our support. But please, don't let UPC field a team with their name on its hats and shirts while this thing is still in the community controversy stage. Thanks again!

Cohocton Free
P.O. Box 122
Cohocton, NY 14826


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