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VN 3/6 - “Vague What Ifs”

It’s interesting to watch the public debate going on in the pages of The Valley News. On the one hand are those who are concerned about inappropriate industrial wind development in our Town. We post articles and letters at our own expense. On the other hand is the steady stream of letters being published by UPC’s YES group. We wonder how many of these letters would appear if their writers were paying out of their own pockets. Last week “The Farmer’s Wife” held forth again and accused us of trying to stall a wind project she’s known about for 4 years with “vague what ifs.”

It must be frustrating for leaseholders to have to deal with citizens like us who’ve had less than a year to study it. But what have we found out in our 10 months of study? Read our article in this week's Valley News for some highlights that are far from vague.



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