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VN 3/27 - Finger Lakes Life

One of the problems we face in Cohocton is one of identity: are we primarily an isolated rural agricultural community, or are we an active part of New York's Finger Lakes region? Do our future hopes lie in the industrialization of farmland, or have we been given some precious but untapped residential, retirement, and recreational resources? Cohocton is nestled in among some of the most beautiful hills and valleys in the region, right off the Expressway, and just 12 miles from Canandaigua Lake. For an increasing number of people it's become an idyllic place of rest and refreshment. If we allow a wind farm to get established, however, the die will be cast. We're convinced that wind development in our Town is a poor idea. What about you? Read our article in this week's Valley News and then let us know what you think.

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