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A grateful reader

Hello Bill,

I just found your website and just want to say thank goodness for you and people like you. I am a 62 year old welder living in Fairport, NY. We have a cottage in Cape Vincent and are going through the wind turbine nightmare right now. I read some of your site so far. There are 3 proposed "farms" up there. Two in Cape Vincent and one in Clayton with about 300 windmills total I believe. I just feel that the local supporters up there have totally lost their minds. Cottage owners have no vote on anything. We just get to pay lots of taxes. Thank you very much for your informative site and all the great work you have done.

Doug Ryon



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Blogger Bill Says:

Thank you for your comments, Doug. Unfortunately the same painful scenario is playing out in Town after Town all over our state in some of the most beautiful areas, ones that are havens for wildlife and places of rest and recreation for so many people. The lure of easy money that industrial wind power promises, along with its unproven claims of environmental benefit and the support of unwitting politicians, is posing a serious threat to many of our communities. Look even closer around you: talk is starting in Hamlin and Webster, so it won't be long before you're dealing with it in Fairport as well as well as Cape Vincent. Now is the time to get educated and start talking with your local Town Board. Please keep us posted about your progress.


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