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Warm January Days

Hot day won’t prove warming
by Jonathon M. Hadley

I’m sometimes amused to hear people talk about the weather.

One man, about a month ago, wrote a letter here claiming the 60-degree temperatures were evidence of global warming. I thought I’d research on my own.

Very simply, I looked at record highs for my hometown. The results were intriguing. While alarmists tell us how we’re heating up, I found that for January, the median year of record highs was 1950. That means half of the record highs occurred before 1950 and half after. I then took a look at July. There the median year was 1941. In both cases, of the top 10 all-time high temperatures for the month, nine were in 1967 or before.

I’m not providing conclusive proof. I’m just saying you can’t just look at a warm day and think the world is ending.

We have thousands of people with college degrees telling us that global warming is happening, and that it is man-made. The trouble is, if there were no perception that the sky was falling, these guys wouldn’t be getting a paycheck. Their livelihood depends on it. No science is done without a paycheck, and the people signing those checks will ALWAYS have an agenda.

Instead of listening to their wild predictions, take a look at real data. You don’t hear much that this whole thing is about a 1-to-2 degree rise in average temperature over 100 years. In fact, you only hear a tiny amount of information on what HAS happened. What you hear is what supposedly WILL happen, according to very biased opinions.

My field of employment and interest (gasification for power) would soar in its employment opportunities if the U.S. enacted carbon regulations. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not biased in my opinions.

Hadley works at GE in Schenectady as a senior integrated gasification combined cycle controls engineer in power plant engineering.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Disturbing too is the whole environmental movement's attitude that the "end justifies the means".

The Wall Street Journal recently published a revealing article about the motivation behind alot of this. Just as farmers enjoyed payments not to grow a crop. Big Business is getting on board, they see an opportunity where they will receive government funds for doing nothing.

While the big ten came together at Davos (flying in on their private jets) to publically announce their concern for global warming - a look deeper reveals they each have a hand in profiting from the global panic.

With no way to prove it is a result of man, global warming, opens up the floodgates of governemnt regulations and new programs. Environmentalists with zeal announce their plans for carbon tax.

The end justifies the means? Only when there is big money and transfer of wealth involved.



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