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VN 2/6 - How Much Noise?

UPC Wind's first project on the US mainland is just coming online in Mars Hill, Maine, and the community isn't entirely happy. The problem: Noise, Too Much Noise. Articles (#1, #2, and #3) have just started appearing in the Bangor Daily News detailing the problems people are having. But as far as UPC is concerned, the whole thing should just blow over, so to speak. They're sure that further testing will demonstrate that the noise of their new 1.5 MW turbines will pass the 45 dB limit they set up in the siting requirements, so it won't really matter whether people are bothered: they'll just have to get used to it, get ear plugs, or sell out and move away.

It's too late for Mars Hill now - the turbines are up. However, it's not too late for the rest of Maine, as this article points out. And it's not too late for us in Cohocton and Prattsburgh if folks will just start to wake up and smell the coffee. Click here to read our Valley News article, then follow the links to read Article 1 and Article 2 in the Bangor Daily News. Polish things off with Article 3, and while you're reading, be sure to browse through the community comments below each article. Then let your local leaders (and us, if you'd like) know what you think.



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Blogger formosa Says:

www.upcwind.com (2/7/07)

Quote: "What kind of sound do wind turbines make? Today, an operating wind energy project at a distance of 750 to 1,000 feet emits sounds at a level comparable to a kitchen refrigerator or a moderately quiet room.

Wind turbines make a whooshing sound as the blades travel through the air. When you are directly under a wind turbine, you may hear a hum made by the generator and/or gearbox. Because wind turbines only produce sound when it is windy, and the wind makes sound as well, you usually can’t hear an operating wind turbine from more than 800-900 feet away. With appropriate setbacks, wind turbine sound emissions should not affect neighboring residents."



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