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VN 2/13 - The Politics of Wind

It's been 10 months now since UPC Wind first notified the general public in Cohocton about its plans to build an industrial power plant on all of our hilltops, kicking off the mandated State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process. Ever since then the local political scene has been buzzing. Our article in this week's Valley News addresses some of the political dynamics operating in our community. At Cohocton Free, however, we're more interested in the facts about wind turbines than we are in politics. Will they really reduce CO2 emissions? Are they properly sited? Have the SDEIS and DEIS studies been done properly for SEQR? Is the community aware of the whole story? Are we rushing into something we’ll regret later? We’re confident that truth will eventually triumph over half-truths.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Very well said. Sums up the experience quite nicely. I would say though that although UPC's DEIS had alot of detail - it had a large amount of "generalized" content and very little mitigation of impacts frequently stating "doing so would render the project uneconomical" as rational, not to address the impacts.

It's also quite interesting to me how a Councilman (Hunt) was immediately so involved with the YES! group to the extent that he signed his name as representing the YES! group in published letters in the Valley News where he summarily mocked and made fun Cohocton citizens who disagreed with the UPC project.

Jim Lince
Cohocton, NY


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