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VN 1/30 - Economic Engine?

In an ad in last week's Valley News, Town Board member Wayne Hunt, an ardent supporter of UPC Wind's local projects, proclaims that the proposed wind farms will be “the most significant economic engine that we have ever had.” We know these are difficult times for a number of citizens but wonder if turning the Town of Cohocton into a giant power plant is really the solution. We have a good base in our local economy already, some new but much of which has been carried by faithful families for generations. Are we in a crisis? Isn't there a better way to move forward together as a community? Our article in this week's Valley News opens up the subject and responds to some of Wayne's other points along the way. Your comments are welcome.

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Blogger george buss Says:

Bill I have read many studies about windmills and found many ways they will cut back on the use of fossil fuels. But I guess just like the rest of Cohocton wind watch You would rather make fun of someone's handicap. I hope that you treat your patience with a little more respect then you or the cohocton wind watch treats the members of the town board and also the residents of Cohocton> Have a nice day
George C. Buss

Blogger Bill Says:

Dear George,

About the studies you've read, Jim Lince has posted an interesting challenge on his Cohocton Clean weblog that could bring $1000 to the Town as well as some additional publicity. According to Jim, if you can "provide 'evidence' with data that installed industrial wind developments have reduced fossil fuel and carbon emissions" then he'll eat his hat, so to speak. The US-FWS report and Jon Boone's article that I referenced last month also address some of the same issues.

About making fun of people, I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand how anything I've said could lead you to believe that I "would rather make fun of someone's handicap." Whatever your handicap may be, I certainly haven't made fun of it. Quite the contrary, I've taken the suggestion you made in a comment last week quite seriously by picking up a copy of the OSC report you recommended from Rick Towner and not only reading it but posting a short commentary on this site. Please review my response and recognize that, although we may differ in opinion about some things, I have and will always try give you and those around me at least the same respect that I hope to receive. God bless you!


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