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VN 12/5 - Global Warming?

For many people the idea that our planet is becoming warmer because CO2 is building up in the atmosphere is an established fact. However, for others that idea still remains a controversial and unproven theory. Without taking sides in the argument, our article in this week's Valley News highlights a graph (above) presented by US Senator James Inhofe, Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works. Two of his public presentations are available here: one on climate change and the other on media coverage of the controversy. Some may still scoff after reading his articles, but wouldn't it be interesting if, 5 years from now, our planet began to cool again in spite of ever-increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, most of it produced by industrial development in mainland China that is entirely beyond our control? It would be sad to find out that we had sold the beauty, peace, and tranquility of our everlasting hills for a bowl of porridge, and even sadder to be left by a bankrupt energy speculator with an obsolete clutter of broken-down turbines two decades from now. There really isn't any rush: we have time to see what will happen to climate and what new technology brings. Our hills will wait, and if truth is on the side of wind turbine development there will always be another developer, perhaps an even better one than UPC.



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