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VN 12/12 - Determination?

Looking over the recent actions of Cohocton’s elected officials makes one thing very clear: they haven’t deviated at all from their goal to facilitate the industrialization our Town’s hills with a massive wind turbine installation. No amount of appeal, remonstration, or criticism from citizens has altered their course in the slightest. Passing Windmill Law #2 (and trying to finesse SEQR in the process) is just the latest in a series of actions that cater to only one segment of our community. Are you starting to get fed up? If you’re not already involved, this might be the time to start. Please read our article in this week's Valley News and click on the links provided to review LL#2 and the Town's SEQR ploy. Keep in mind while you're reading them that our elected officers would like you to believe that they wrote these documents themselves. Then get in touch with us to share your thoughts and find out how you can help.



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