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Bald Eagles Returning

Bald eagles at record high

The Department of Environmental Conservation announced that this year’s bald eagle population has increased statewide and is at a record high. State wildlife staff and volunteer “nest-watchers” monitor the nesting-eagle population each year. When active nests are identified, aluminum flashing is placed on trees to prevent raccoons from climbing and eating the eggs or young eagles. Since 1975, when the Fledgling Endangered Species Program began, the DEC has worked to restore bald eagles in New York. More than 200 nesting eagles were released between 1976 and 1989. Two productive pairs of eagles were established in 1980 and the population began to grow: to four pairs by 1987, 16 by 1991, 35 by 1997, 64 by 2001, and 92 by 2005. This year, 110 nesting pairs were counted with a record 172 young produced during the breeding season. For more go to www.dec.state.ny.us and click on “2006 Bald Eagle Annual Report.”

Sunday Edition, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

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