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Happy Thanksgiving!

While we may have our differences about some things, like wind turbines, there are other things we can all agree about, like the blessing of Thanksgiving. We wish you all a wonderful holiday with family and friends. In spite of our differences, let's try to work together with grateful hearts in the days and months ahead. God bless you!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

There is no working together with YES!. You are an "outsider" a "landowner who just pays taxes" - you are not even considered by them to be a member of this community! Your voice is unwelcome.

In fact, YES! writes repeatedly they are "tired" of your threats, misinformation, lies, and misstatements. Anything you say about them is a personal attack and harrassment and by default not true, anything they say about you is the "truth" and "factual". Yet, they tell us all to our face "nothing is personal, just a difference of opinion".

YES! doesn't know what the PILOT payments will be, but they know for a fact that you and all the anti-winders are just plain wrong (and you've never done anything for the community).

Working together? These people have worked together with UPC and the town government (hell they are the town government) to get what they so desperately want: industry on their doorstep and a check every month in the mail.

They don't give a damn about you or the rest of the "non members" of this community!



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