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Extended terms turned down

This week voters in Cohocton soundly defeated Proposition No. 1 that asked: Shall the Terms of Office for the Cohocton Town Supervisor, Cohocton Town Clerk, and the Cohocton Highway Superintendent be changed to four years terms? According to the Steuben County Board of Elections, the final voter tally stands at 210 for and 268 against. Local leaders may rightfully interpret these results as an informal referendum on the way they are handling the wind power issue. We hope and pray that they begin to pay closer attention to the mind of the electorate they have pledged themselves to serve.

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Blogger Yes! Wind Power for Cohocton Says:

Your analogy is like comparing apples and oranges. Opposing an extended term has nothing to do with the "Wind Turbine" issue. I, too opposed the extended term, however I am fully in favor of the Turbine Project.

Jane Towner


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