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VN 10/10 - Who is Lying?

Recently opponents of UPC Wind’s proposed turbine project have been publicly accused of “insulting” town officials, “costing all the taxpayers of Cohocton thousands of dollars” and expecting us “to forget all of their lies and misinformation.” But where are the “lies and misinformation” coming from? Our article in this week's Valley News opens up the question and asks us all to do some soul-searching. How can we come together and decide what's best for our community?



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Blogger formosa Says:

The superior moral posturing by the pro-winder's in Cohocton is hard to witness: They aren't harrassing or hostile, they are just doing what is "right", and speaking the "truth". They are superior because they are the bloodlines of this town. Those who moved here from elsewhere had no idea they moved into a kingdom with royalty (prowinders have written as much) and the "outsiders" were just considered taxpaying subjects.



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