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New law limits eminent domain

In a big win for the Mohawk Valley community who rallied against it, Governor Pataki joined state legislators and local leaders at the SUNY-IT Campus in Marcy to sign legislation that limits the use of eminent domain by electric and gas corporations. The law adds new restrictions for companies looking to take over people's land to use for electric and gas line projects, like the one proposed by New York Regional Interconnect.
The 200-mile long power line project would cut right through the Mohawk Valley. Many say it would have a negative impact on property owners, the environment, and the local economy.
Governor Pataki echoed their arguments against the plan: "We don't need a power line running through this community that's going to split it in half and take people's homes," Pataki said.
If built, the power line would provide electricity to New York City. But many argue it would also raise the rates for other customers in the state.

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