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CWW Response to Critics

It has been stated in recent weeks that Cohocton Wind Watch has changed its position and is now in favor of wind turbines. As you can see by our mission statement we were never against wind turbines. Cohocton Wind Watch is against poorly planned wind turbine projects that are damaging to many in the community. We are against projects that decrease property values, cause health problems, are safety hazards, and that only benefit a few members of the community.

If wind turbines are going to come to this area shouldn't the project be something we all agree on? Shouldn't the project put something back into the community?

Now is the time to decide what the best deal is for the Town of Cohocton. Is it UPC, Empire, or no turbines at all? You decide.

Members of CWW do not believe that either wind developer has proven that there is enough consistent wind to make the project financially viable. We also believe that developers should be required to locate turbines within a specific industrial zoned site. Placement of up to 500' turbines anywhere in the township is a fatal flaw of the proposed Wind Mill Local Law #2.

Members of Cohocton Wind Watch stand firmly where they always have, trying to do what is best for all residents of Cohocton, not just a few.

Jim Hall, Cohocton Wind Watch

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