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VN 9/5 - Is This a War?

Emotions have been running high around town, and some people are starting to think we're in some kind of war. We'd like to see the tone of discussion settle down a bit to allow for more open dialogue. Read our article here, and then let us know what you think.

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Blogger formosa Says:

This is very curious - can you be more specific on who's is out of control? We know one guy completely lost it over the summer and invited Ceaser to step outside and fight during a planning board meeting. Funny a letter appeared in the VN later by someone claiming he was victimized at the same meeting. We've been called names ... plenty of derogatory name calling posts hit the blog that we do not publish.

Blogger Bill Says:

Thanks for your comments and question, Jim. I appreciate your Cohocton Clean weblog. While wind power supporters accused their opponents of of "harassment" early on in the debate when the possiblity of legal action was first brought up, most of the provocative behavior described in our article has come from the wind power side and has been of the kind that you've detailed.


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