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A New Forum

It's been difficult trying to keep up with current events using our main website, so we've developed an alternate way of posting ongoing information and dialogue in a weblog format. I went back and filled in the ads we've been running in The Valley News as well as some of our previous correspondence for your review and comment, and I'm planning to add new insights along the way, as time permits. Please bookmark "Updates" and check back from time to time to see how well we're keeping up with the ongoing wind power controversy in Cohocton. Thanks for visiting!



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Blogger formosa Says:

Excellent ads in the Valley News.

One additional point on Fenner is that it is used to demonstrate property values not declining. Actually not a single property within 4,000 feet (3/4 mile) of a turbine in Fenner was used in that study.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Great idea for the blog, and fantastic ads in the Valley News! Keep up the good work!


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