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Response to Pat Drum

Pat Drum wrote an article published by "YES! Wind Power" in last week's Valley News entitled "The Farmer's Wife" that covered a lot of ground. I was taken aback by the intensity of her frustration and devoted quite a bit of time to a thoughtful response. Her article is available here, and our response is here.

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VN 7/25 - Been Reading?

A few weeks ago The Valley News published a clever fable written by an imaginative wind power supporter that made some rather far-fetched comparisons. This article is our response. Read the fable first, then our article (you should enjoy them both), and let us know what you think.

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VN 7/18 - Angry?

This Valley News article probes the issues that underlie the anger being expressed in town and makes the observation that social divisions have been present for years and are just becoming visible. Click here to read the full article and then let us know what you think.



VN 7/11 - Outsiders?

Some folks in town think that anyone who questions or opposes the idea of installing an industrial wind power plant in Cohocton must be an "outsider." This week's Valley News article addresses the concern. Click here to read the article, and then let us know what you think.

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Corn Pollution?

Michael Pollan wrote a fascinating article in this month's Smithsonian Magazine entitled "What's Eating America" that starts off with this catchy subtitle: "Corn is one of the plant kingdom's biggest successes. That's not necessarily good for the United States." How he traces the development of modern hybrid corn through a Nazi scientist and finds its agricultural success at the root of overpopulation and other global time bombs is nothing short of an environmental tour-de-force. It's a great article for putting our global problems in perspective. Besides, it's fun to read! Click here for an online version with links, or here for a printable PDF copy with illustrations.



VN 7/4 - Neighbors?

In our second Valley News article we talk about how to relate to one another in a neighborly way in the midst of controversy. Click here to read the article, and then let us know what you think.