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VN 6/27 - Problem?

This is the first in what we hope will be a weekly series of articles in The Valley News. What do you think? Click here to read our article.

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Response to Hal & Judy

Hal & Judy Graham wrote a very sincere letter published by "YES! Wind Power" in the June 13 edition of The Valley News describing their visit to the Tug Hill wind project. The next week we received an unsolicited email from another resident who had an entirely different experience when she visited the same project. My wife and I were concerned that Hal & Judy's views were prematurely one-sided, so we reached out to them as neighbors. A copy of their letter is available here, and our response is here. Just today we received another Tug Hill report that confirms our concerns. Have you had any similar experiences that you'd like to share?



Response to Wayne Hunt

Wayne Hunt, one of the members of our Town Board, wrote a thoughtful open letter to the general public in last week's Valley News, with the support of the new "YES! Wind Power" group in town. His enthusiasm for the project seems to be boundless, so I reached out to him with this letter in the hopes of initiating some balanced dialogue about the subject.

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Community Meeting 6/8

Another community meeting has been scheduled by Cohocton Wind Watch for this coming Thursday evening, 6/8, at the Elementary School auditorium in Cohocton. The first meeting on 5/18 was packed with over 200 in attendance and lively, informative presentations, comments, and discussion. We have another shipment of yard signs ready for this week's event, since our first shipment or 100 has already been distributed.

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Response to UPC's DEIS

After UPC Wind made its 800+ page Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) available to the general public in late April, we were told that the Cohocton Planning Board would be receiving comments from the community up until their meeting on June 8. We all scrambled to digest the DEIS so that we could respond intelligently before the deadline. My response to Sandor Fox, Chairman of the Planning Board, is available here. Hopefully, there will be more public dialogue and time for further reasoned reflection before a decision of this magnitude is made. What do you think?



Bumper Stickers Arrive

Our new bumper stickers have just arrived and will be sent out this weekend in a mailing to all the landowners in the Town of Cohocton. If you would like some for personal use or distribution, please contact us.